Cabernet Franc 2015 Giulia

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The classical fermentation process in open containers was followed by 6 months aging in stainless steel tanks. Oak barrel parts were submerged in the wine, adding a light oaky taste. This wine represents the unique characteristics of the Cabernet Franc, with a youthful freshness, intensive fruity components, with a balanced dry finish.

Your order has to be by boxes. One box contains 6 bottles, but you can mix the bottles.

Vintage: 2015

Wine region: Balatonfüred-Csopak Wine Region

Slope: Pangyér-slope

Character: dry

Remaining sugar content:2,7 g/l

100 % Cabernet Franc

6 months of stainless steel tank ageing with burnt oak barrel pieces

Botteling date: 2014.04.03.

Alcohol content: 14,16 %

Acid content: 6,3 g/l

Sugarfree extract: 35,3 g/l

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