Pinot Noir 2015

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Enjoy this delicate balance of 18 months lightly Barrique barreled aging process. Conjured with the superb deep dark Rubin reflexes carried forward with the fragrances of cherry, blackberries and smooth vanilla. This extraordinary complexity harnessed by this unique terroir and our refining process produces one of the best premium wines in Hungary. Extensive airing recommended.

Your order has to be by boxes. One box contains 6 bottles, but you can mix the bottles.

Vintage: 2011

Wine region: Balatonfüred-Csopak Wine Region

Slope: Pangyér-slope

Character: dry

Remaining sugar content:1,4 g/l

100 % Pinot Noir

18 months of barrique ageing

Botteling date: 2013.09.18.

Alcohol content: 13,38 %

Acid content: 5,3 g/l

Sugarfree extract: 26,8 g/l

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