Simply Hungary's most beautiful wedding location

It’s that one decision you won’t hesitate long about. You’ve come this far and there is almost a divine reason you’ve found us! 

As one of Hungary’s iconic and picturesque rural locations, it is more than well suited to celebrate that one special occasion. We will make sure this day will echo in memories and stories for generations to come. Welcome to our world of Liszkay enchanted weddings.

If your love is worth one chance to celebrate it right​...

The Basics

The Liszkay Estate is the ideal venue for private weddings, which means exclusive use of the entire complex and full estate rental for 2 days and 2 nights. There are a total of 8 rooms in the mansion, and the couple has the Master Suite honeymoon suite at their disposal. We can accommodate a total of 20 people, but we can also help with the accommodation of additional guests in the area – Monoszló, Köveskál – together with the transfer.

Panoramic ceremony
The civil ceremony will be held on the lower terrace, at the fountain, which offers a magnificent panorama of the entire Káli basin. The civil ceremony is assisted by the local mayor’s office, for which we provide contact information.

When hosting guests, it is recommended to use pool level bars for drinks.

For weddings and dinners, our maximum capacity is 140-150 people. In terms of location, the dinner can be arranged inside or outside the building on the terrace.

Extra accommodation is easily available in the surrounding areas. 

See our wedding info page for next step details.

evenings never to be forgotten

With a Little help from our friends

As a guarantee of our high quality, Liszkay Borkúria works with experienced wedding planners during these events. They take over the burden of organization and do everything to ensure that the big day is unforgettable and runs smoothly from start to finish. 

Photography Credit/Permissions: DuplaExpo, Liszkay Borkuria and others

With special thanks to:

– DuplaExpo
– Liszkay Borkuria Team

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