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In the enchanting region along the northern shore of Lake Balaton, reminiscent of Tuscany-like landscape, a picturesque road leads to the Pangyér vineyard. Nestled in the depths of the forest, the small village of Monoszló overlooks Zánka, boasting a distinctive microclimate and a hilly landscape rich in volcanic minerals. Blessed with delicate limestone and clay soil, this area possesses a unique charm.

Bearing a Mediterranean microclimate, it has already left an indelible impression, reminiscent of ancient Roman summers. The locale was aptly named “Tvscvlanvm,” or Tusculanum, signifying a summer residence. Recognition has also dawned upon the fact that exceptional red wines can be crafted from grapes cultivated on the slopes of the Káli Basin.

The Liszkay Winery operates across a sprawling 10 hectares, primarily dedicated to the cultivation of red wines.

The estate boasts a diverse array of grape varieties including Pinot Gris, Pinot Noir, Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Merlot.

The winery restoration started in 2003 and with our first harvest in 2006, featuring a precise line spacing of 2.2 meters and a stem distance of 0.8 meters. Viticulture is guided by the Fibrous Guyot method.

Adhering to stringent yield restrictions, the estate employs late harvesting techniques. Subsequently, an open, meticulously controlled fermentation process occurs, accompanied by delicate handling. The wines typically undergo a maturation period of 12-18 months in barrique barrels.

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Valued Vineyard

“A 385/400 point scoring in the official vineyard register ranks this terroir as one of the most valuable in all of Hungary”

Before the emergence of the Balaton Uplands, the Káli Basin was renowned for its red wines. An intriguing aspect of the vineyard’s history is that Mihály Liszkay, amidst a predominantly white wine-producing region, undertook experiments with blue grape cultivation, reviving the Pangyéri vineyard to its former glory within the context of a 400-year-old Roman Pannonian tradition of red wines.

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