Our Story

A quest for the impossible

Hungary’s hidden gem

In the enchanting region along the northern shore of Lake Balaton, a sudden swirl off the main road leading into a deep forest suddenly reveals a gateway to a distant world in seclusion. Passing through a picturesque village and up on a hill overlooking golden fields, a bewildering light is cast by a simmering sunset. This first sight was etched into a father and son’s memory as they gazed in silence in a moment of reverence until an equally stunning stary night presented itself soon after. Our fate was sealed without hesitation or word. This moment in the summer of 2000 was to become the start of an almost impossible journey. A story had begun.

Through vision and perseverance a distant world has been brought back to life

First sighting

A long forgotten ruin was left in neglected state for years waiting for new life. 

Sowing the seeds of love

Old stems were removed, grounds rested and newly planted French clones found their new home.

Growth behold

The 'virgin' harvest comes to be as both Liszkay's overlook and meticulously select their first blue grape jewels. 

Construction Starts

Encapsulating more than a century old cellar, construction begins nearly 7 years later (2010) on a newly built winery.

Development complete

Doors open in 2012.

Doors Open

From here the rest is history as thousands of memories and experiences unfold.

liszkay sr-jr

Liszkay Sr. & Jr.

With more commonalities than one might expect in family relationships, the love for food, wine, and crafting memorable experiences is deeply ingrained in both father and son. These shared passions foster the cherished moments that have captivated our guests.

Michael Liszkay

Shepherding the estate.

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We’ll be sharing more on our beginnings in the future.
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