Immerse yourself in the tranquil ambiance of our refined room, boasting calming light tones and stunning vistas of the sunset over the lavender fields, rows of grapevines, and the picturesque church tower of Balatonhenye. The bathroom, embellished with blue mosaic tiles, evokes memories of summers long past at lake Balaton, further enhancing the serene allure of your stay.

About this Room



Price: (HUF) 67,900 /day 2 persons.
Double Occupancy


Price: (HUF) 49,700 /day 1 person.
Single Occupancy


Prices exclude standard breakfast fee 6500 HUF/pp

To guarantee the peace and quite that most of our guests cherish, we advise not to take children under the age of 12 to the estate. We naturally make exception to that when a family arrives with a larger company and reserves the entire estate.

  • Summer 2024 bed & breakfast rooms available through Mon (Closed – only checkout), Tue (Closed), Wed (Open), Thur (Open), Fri (Open), Sat (Open), Sun (Open)

Please note: Liszkay Winery does not serve lunch and dinner for our bed & breakfast guests.

We encourage you to explore the many wonderful restaurants in the area for your dining needs.

Team Liszkay